Mobile applications at the service of clinical trials

With the rise of mobile solutions, clinical trials are moving away from the laboratory to the patient. Contact Quantificare for more informations.

Remote operation

No more need to travel on site, it is now possible to operate remotely, from home for example.
Data collection, monitoring of treatment effectiveness and patient safety can be administered remotely using computer applications.
These applications now make it possible to manage data flows between patients and clinical trial laboratories while ensuring the quality and compliance of the information exchanged and patient safety throughout the entire experience.

Easy to use

These mobile solutions have been designed and developed to offer a simple and intuitive interface.
The patient connects from his phone or tablet and transmits his data (which may consist of text or photos). This information is transmitted to a server that collects, processes and makes it available to different laboratories conducting the same or different clinical trials.

Multi-patient and multi-site

Several patients can connect to the server simultaneously. Data can be transmitted simultaneously to several clinical sites.
These are multi-patient, multi-trial and multi-site solutions that can be deployed upstream or during clinical trials thanks to their adaptability.
Additional functionalities are available, such as chat between patient and test laboratory or alarms to remind the patient of actions to be performed during the protocol.

To conclude

This innovative process has three main advantages :

It increases patient participation by allowing patients to participate in the trials from home, without having to travel.
it allows to anticipate the effectiveness of treatments compared to a conventional protocol it reduces costs, as patients no longer have to be managed on site.